Doyley…the hero we all need but didn’t really ask for.

He’s not quite a cat,not quite a kangaroo…you get the idea.

He’s quite simply obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness.

He funds this obsession by being a long suffering assistant at Wellside Wishes, a shop owned by Spindle, who happily takes advantage of Doyley’s predicament.

It certainly doesn’t help matters much in that it’s the only source of employment for miles around!

Doyley longs for love but has zero confidence!


Owner of Wellside Wishes.

Intimidating, devilishly handsome and somewhat a ladies’ man. (or so he thinks!)

In all actuality he is merely just a hair from a wizard’s beard when it became snagged between the cracks of a wishing well one drunken evening.

Feeling excluded from his fellow whisker brethren, he decided to set up shop at the well and has been there ever since.

Due to him being a wizard’s face salad, he has some magical powers.

This makes him the worst kind of boss…



Can be best described as a Hedgedog?
Loves dirt.
Loves Doyley unconditionally.
Buy the Merch! *

*If there was any!

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